Booking Terms

Deposits & Payments 

A deposit of 50% is required on confirmation of your booking. If the booking is canceled within 60 days before arrival this deposit will be forfeited. The balance or full payment must be made 45 days prior to arrival. 

Mode of Payment 

We accept VISA/MasterCard credit/debit card payments. Payment can be made by bank transfer or within Uganda by cash either in Kampala or Masindi. We will send you bank details once a booking has been made. 

Special Deposits 

From time to time the company may deem it necessary that the Agent pays a deposit for special seasons, holidays, and events. 

Cancellation and ‘no show’ 

Reservations that are canceled, reduced in length of stay or reduced in numbers (hereinafter collectively called a CANCELLATION) are subject to Cancellation and ‘no show’ fees at the discretion of the company under the following terms: 

60 days prior to arrival: 50% cancellation fee will be charged 
30 – 8 days prior to arrival: 75% cancellation fee will be charged 
7 days or less prior to arrival: 100% cancellation fee will be charged 
In all cases, notification of cancellation is only accepted when received in writing. 
Government Taxes 

Should the government increase taxes or institute new taxes, Masindi Hotel reserves the right to increase the rates in this agreement accordingly. 

Loss or Damage to Property and Personal Injury 
Masindi Hotel accepts the Liability of an Innkeeper at common Law as modified by the Hotels Act CAP94, Laws of Uganda, in respect of any property of a visitor that is lost or damaged at the Hotel. Valuables can be stored at the reception. 

Masindi Hotel has no Liability for personal injury whether by the willful or negligent acts of its servants or agents (whether fatal or otherwise) suffered by a visitor at the hotel. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing condition, visitors are aware and accept the risk of loss or damage of property or personal injury.