Masindi Hotel Celebrating 100 Years


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This is definitely a first in Uganda; a piece about a hotel which is just a whisker short of celebrating its centenary!

The upcountry Masindi Hotel will turn one hundred years old in 2023, making it Uganda’s oldest hotel, the nearest contenders (as far as I know), Fort Portal’s Mountains of the Moon and Kampala’s Silver Springs, dating only as far back as the Thirties.

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Swanair Travel

Masindi Hotel is still going strong after 100 years, oozing legacy and luxury with its rustic and deeply green outlook. The Hotel's well-preserved architecture...

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Unearthing 100 years of Masindi Hotel's forgotten historical treasures

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Built in 1923 by The East Africa Railways and Harbours, Masindi Hotel is a historic facility that remains a popular destination.

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